About Us

Who are we?

We don’t usually spend much time talking about ourselves, but lately we have found that more and more people want to know what brought us to Lufenuron and why we believe in it so strongly.

We are three doctors who run a Charity Clinic mostly for HIV and Cancer patients, near Cuernavaca, Mexico. We know that (1) both of these conditions are a failure of the immune system, and (2) both of these conditions typically concern fungus.

With HIV, fungus is an opportunistic infection, that gets out of hand with the damaged immune system, setting up a vicious cycle of further damaging the immune system, and with the lowered immunity, allowing the fungus to grow unimpeded. Stopping the fungus will not “cure” the HIV, but it will allow the body to have the healthiest environment possible for turning a former death sentence into a long term controllable condition.

There is some indication that cancer involves fungus. A Dr. Simoncini in Italy has postulated that Cancer IS fungus, but we don’t have to go that far to understand that Cancer sets up an environment favorable to the proliferation of Fungus. The fast growing cells have a high metabolism, releasing many acidic wastes. This more acidic environment, lets the Candida fungus multiply, and the fungus, in turn, surrounds and protects the Cancer cells from attack by the immune system. Eliminating this fungal barrier, is the first step to treating Cancer.

All of our patients are put on Lufenuron from the very beginning. It is so safe, that we don’t even do any expensive testing first. We assume that a chronically ill person has a fungal load that needs to be eliminated before we can even start to diagnose and treat other parts of the diseases.