Morgellons Disease

Special instructions for Morgellons infestation. Morgellons is particularly difficult to treat, partly because it is so misunderstood, or even ignored by doctors, and partly because there is not a good protocol guaranteed to work in every circumstance.

But we do know that crawling sensation of some infestation is almost always a part of the problem and since the Lufenuron is active against nearly every insect as well, the Lufenuron is the obvious first step in treating the Morgelons. For Morgelons, we have found the most effective treatment is it take one Lufenuron capsule per day for 96 days. That catches any type of insect at every life stage, so if the Morgellons is being caused by an insect, then that source is removed. Catching an insect in the stage most susceptible to chitin inhibition is the secret to getting rid of them permanently. You must break the life cycle.

Secondly, fungus almost always accompanies a Morgellons infestation, either as a primary cause, or as a secondary opportunistic infection. Getting rid of fungus will improve the overall health of the person, even if the fungus is not the base cause of the Morgellons.

There is some indication that Morgellons patients also typically have Lyme disease. Lyme is equally hard to diagnose, and often as ignored by doctors. Going to a Lyme Literate Doctor (LLD) would be a good first step in exploring this possibility. They are often more sympathetic to undiagnosed misery. They have patients that have suffered for years, while being ignored by the mainstream medical establishment. This will be nothing new to them. A majority of those Morgellons patients who have gotten better have been found to have Lyme, or its associated multi-bacterial and fungal co-infections, and are treated for those infections, reducing or eliminating the symptoms of Morgellons in the process.

But Morgellons can start with a spirochetal infection, resulting in the filaments seen in new Morgellons infections. At the same time, the body becomes sensitized to this new infestation with scabies-like behavior, and the stage is set for increased itching, damage and ultimately scarring from self inflicted sores. Just because the sores are self inflicted does not mean that the sensations or misery are caused by the brain.

If you go to a doctor, don’t speak of Morgellons. They will not help you with that. Concentrate on a diagnosis of Lyme disease, as the treatment for Lyme is typically the same treatment that you will want for Morgellons, and it is the best way to start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t let the doctors ignore you and if they are not experts on Lyme, then don’t waste your money on them.

While Lufenuron is a very important part of getting well, it is not a stand alone treatment. Full health will only come when you deal with not only the fungal issues, but the co-infections.

Start with Lufenuron, but don’t stop there, ok?


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Morgellons that is identified as Collembola infestation is shown that the bug is attracted to the growth of fungus on the skin. That is why some people are affected, while others in the family are unaffected. Getting rid of the fungal source of food for the Collembola is the secret to getting the infestation under control.