Recommended Protocol

It is important to take Lufenuron on schedule as directed by your doctor.

If you do not have a doctor’s recommendation, then the recommended protocol is to take a “loading dose” the first month of 24 capsules, 1 (or possibly 2) capsules each day with LOTS of fat or oils Then take no capsules for the rest of the month. That is the Loading Dose Protocol for the 30 day first month. You can actually start on any day of the month and call that your “first day”.

The lufenuron goes into the fat cells and is slowly released throughout the month, even during the days that you are not taking a capsule. One month will typically treat a mild gut overgrown of Candida. If there is a Systemic Candida infection, yeast or mold, then each month thereafter, you would take a maintenance dose of 12 capsules each month, by taking 1 (or possibly 2) capsules each day with LOTS of fat or oils. Once you have the loading dose the first month, of double the maintenance dose, there is no reason to take the double dose again, unless you quit taking it, and want to start over.

A single capsule or dose is seldom effective, which is why the first treatment covers at least a full month. It is important to spread out the treatment over at least one to two months. If there is still improvement taking place, one should continue to take Lufenuron every month until there is no more change. For a major systemic infection of Candida, this can take up to six months, and some people take it every month so that they never get a Systemic Candida infection again.

If the Lufenuron is being taken simply as a precaution while starting Low Dose Naltrexone, then a single month of treatment should assure that Candida will not get started while the LDN is adjusting the immune system.