Candida and stress

We have all heard what stress does to the body. The adrenal glands are where adrenalin comes from, producing the “flight or fight” reaction. These small organs also release hormones that regulate several different systems within your body

For instance, when the body comes under stress, the adrenal glands release Cortisol, a hormone that depresses your immune system and raises your blood sugar level. Candida feeds on sugar, and the depressed immune system is powerless to stop it from taking over. The Candida can quickly overpower the balanced mixture of microorganisms in your small intestines.

If your adrenals become drained from prolonged stress, you will feel constantly tired, and probably find yourself drinking cup after cup of coffee, or eating sugar to get energy. Your immune system becomes similarly drained, and unable to respond properly to pathogens like the Candida yeast. You come full cycle, when the lowered immune system puts your body under even more stress, from chronic illness and fatigue.