Poor Diet can encourage Candida overgrowth

The typical modern diet is a godsend for Candida. Candida loves nothing more than sugar, alcohol, bread, coffee, pasta and pre-packaged refined foods to grow and multiply. These foods lack nutrition, while upsetting the balance of the gut.

A healthy immune system should be able to keep Candida at bay, but a diet rich in sugar can actually depress your immune system, leaving your body vulnerable, and allowing the Candida to proliferate.

Humans did not live on these foods in their evolutionary past. A person should endeavor to maintain a healthy diet of mostly raw, organic vegetables and fruits, with good quality proteins, while cutting out sugars and empty carbohydrates. This is often easier said than done, and while adopting a quality diet can help re-balance the flora in the gut, if there is already a significant Systemic Candida infection, even the best diet will not remove it.

Even more important is that fungus is being identified as a leading cause of insulin dependent diabetes. It is no surprise that recent drugs shown to help control diabetes are also anti-fungal. It is hard to tell which is cause and effect, but it is not difficult to understand that getting rid of the Candida will make you healthier all the way around.

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