Associated Issues

Candida is not a simple problem that exists in a vacuum. There are lots of issues that surround the problem, both as causes as as potential cures.

Some of these are:

  • Leaky Gut ~~ sure it is where the Systemic Candida comes from, but it has to start from some cause. Sometimes, it starts from an overgrowth of Candida in the gut itself. This is where somebody has taken an antibiotic, for instance, and the natural flora is destroyed along with the disease bacteria. The yeast that this flora feeds on is left to multiply, taking up more of the gut, and ultimately turning to a fungus, with long tentacles, that then invade the cell wall, damaging it and making holes that larger molecules can pass through.

Zach Bush MD quote,
“This body of work has a common thread – that a diet high in heavily-processed foods filled with chemicals, GMOs, gluten, and environmental toxins such as herbicides and animal antibiotics, the typical American diet, can significantly harm the health of the immune system. A weakened immune system can permit these toxins to penetrate the gut wall and enter the bloodstream, creating havoc.” 

  • Gluten Intolerance, and its close relative Celiac Disease ~~ Other causes of Leaky Gut might be an irritation caused by an allergy to some food. Gluten is often identified, not because we are all allergic to gluten but because today’s gluten is not your grandmother’s gluten. Today’s grains have been designed to have up to 100 times more gluten, including more powerful gluten, that many more people will develop sensitivities to, even if they are not naturally gluten intolerant.
  • Other food allergies ~~ Of course, a person can be allergic to lots of other things, like dairy, peanuts, soy, etc. Any allergic irritation can damage the lining of the digestive system, setting the person up for Leaky Gut.
  • GMO ~~ resulting in the eating of glycophosphate, herbacides, and other toxins.
  • Lack of Gastric Acid ~~
  • but sometimes it starts from outside influences like: